Why You Shouldn′t Shy Away from Contract Work

Although we all know that contract work does not offer a lot of job security and you should not go into it with the notion that it will materialize in to full time employment, it is certainly a possibility. Many employers take on temporary, contract staff to assist with issues such as maternity cover, short term projects which need urgent attention or busy periods throughout the calendar year. 

However, in many cases, these short term, contract roles can progress into a full-time job. For whatever reason, the project which you have been assigned to may be extended and so you may be required to continue this project on a more permanent basis. 

Taking on a contract role, is an opportunity to prove yourself to the company directors and allow them to realize your contributions to the organisation. By doing so, they are likely to come to the conclusion that they cannot manage without you and that you are a valuable asset to their company.  In this instance, you may be offered a full-time job role, by the end of the contract.  This may be the same job role which you had been doing throughout your contract or it may well be a completely new position within the company, which they feel you are the right fit for.

Nonetheless, even if the contract role does not create a full-time job, there are a lot of other positives to consider when taking a contract job. Many graduates, for example, who are struggling to find a full-time job are encouraged to take on short term, contract roles. Not only will they gain hands on experience which will prove invaluable, but it will help them to determine what direction they would like to take in their career, particularly if they are not 100% sure what they want to do.

Contract roles allow the opportunity to network with various other companies whom you may never have met otherwise. With this, comes the chance to get your foot in the door with many other companies in your industry of expertise. Networking like this, will give you the edge over others and assist you getting a full-time job sooner, rather than later.

For people who are recently unemployed, contract work is an ideal method to avoid a lapse in employment and maintain your self- worth. When applying for future jobs it always better to demonstrate some sort of work experience, rather than none at all. This shows future employers that you have a “get up and go attitude” with a drive for success. It will also help maintain a healthy bank balance, while on the lookout for full time job employment.

Similarly, those in full time jobs who have found themselves in a rut and cannot endure the thoughts of another year in their current employment could take up a short-term contract role until a more suitable, permanent position becomes available. This will not only save them from the stress of the job which they are eager to leave, but it will eliminate the time spent looking for a suitable full time position in their field.

Part time workers may also relish in part time, contract work as it will give them the opportunity to earn more and in turn have flexibility in terms of their working environment and hours.  Many employees find working in the same organisation for a lengthy period quite mundane. Changing work environments can allow variation between jobs and keeps things interesting.

So, the next time you see a contract role in your area of expertise, don’t be so hesitant to apply.

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